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Hey Mama! There are a two ways I can support you during prenatal and postpartum life.

I know how you're feeling. I want to help.
You're Exhausted

You can decide to make a healthier change for you and your family at any point. You can start tomorrow.

You Feel Guilty

You feel like you should be grateful for your life and just enjoy motherhood rather than make a fuss. (You're worthy of the fuss.)

You Think It Has
to Be Hard

You start with small, incremental changes and habits to create a healthier way of life. It can be simple and it's way harder to do alone.

You Have No Time

You can decide to make a healthier change for you and your family at any point. You can start tomorrow.

You've Tried Dieting

Diets don’t work by the way --- because you’re on or off. There's no in-between. I’m teaching you small habits that fit your existing lifestyle. Wagon not included.


The Healthy Moms Club

Aside from the fresh monthly workouts and nourishing recipes that don't taste like
paper, here are some reasons you probably want to join like right now.

It's made specifically for every stage of motherhood - because I know what it's like to live life on your last nerve and consider showering a beach vacation.
Full access to biweekly live digital group workouts
Full access to all previously uploaded workouts (including new workouts added monthly)
Full access to Erika’s 30-30-30 Cookbook (new recipes added monthly) - VALUE $30
Your membership fee includes access to me, Erika - your personal health and fitness coach on speed dial - a value which normally costs a TON of money to hire privately.
Built-in mom friends to vent to inside the Patreon community - we're all in the same boat as you.
Gifts and surprises throughout the year!


The Trimester Courses

The trimester courses are easy to follow and packed with custom workouts and nutrition for every stage of pregnancy and motherhood. Perfect for moms and moms-to-be who want to dip their toe into the HMC without signing up to join.

bumpin’ in the club

moms can’t stop talking about the hmc...

"I had no idea that exercising and eating certain foods could help with my pregnancy symptoms. I'm really grateful that I went all in with the club membership because it's rare to get direct coaching and support like you do with Erika. Highly recommend to any mama out there."
- Tanya H.
"I'm so happy I stumbled upon Erika's courses! I found her on Instagram in my first trimester and felt so good that I continued post baby. I had a much better pregnancy, birth, and recovery than I did with my first (when I didn't know what I was doing). Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Kerry B.
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