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The HMC is a community dedicated to serving pre and post-natal women all over the world. We want to help moms become the healthiest versions of themselves. Put your own oxygen mask on first. It’s advice we hear all the time - are you ready to listen?

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Health & Nutrition

Why Moms and Moms-to-be Need the Healthy Moms Club

Wellness is cheaper than illness: Preventive Healthcare is SO MUCH CHEAPER (and less traumatic) than hospital bills and blood thinners in your fifties and sixties.
Healthy habits are contagious! Your kids pick up on all the things you do - from the one time you said the F word to the times you’re throwing a quick salad together or saying affirmations in the mirror or choosing to go to that fitness class - they see it all and it’s their first education in how to treat their little bodies.
When you don’t invest in you, you won’t be the best for your family, you might be in a bummer-mood most of the time, and you’re too tired to play with your kids — your kids pick up on that by the way — ripple effect — that’s why you’re always ordering take out because you’re “too tired to cook”

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moms can’t stop talking about the hmc...

"I'm so happy I stumbled upon Erika's courses! I found her on Instagram in my first trimester and felt so good that I continued post baby. I had a much better pregnancy, birth, and recovery than I did with my first (when I didn't know what I was doing). Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Kerry B.
"I had no idea that exercising and eating certain foods could help with my pregnancy symptoms. I'm really grateful that I went all in with the club membership because it's rare to get direct coaching and support like you do with Erika. Highly recommend to any mama out there."
- Tanya H.
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