Dear Mama,

You matter. So Much.

You deserve to feel strong.

You deserve to feel confident.

Physically? YES!

Mentally? OH GOD, YES!

Fact: The "baby weight" does not make you healthy or unhealthy.

I hate how the first thing we are told to do after we have a child is to lose weight. Like immediately. Preferably on the drive home from the hospital.

Hi, I just created new life! And I lost 20 pounds!

These two statements are absolutely not equally important, but the media and magazines place so much pressure on new mothers to "bounce back."

I'm here to tell you all of this is total crap. There is no bouncing back - around, up, or down. It's not about bouncing and it's not about baby weight.

The Only Before & After That Really Matters

Health and motherhood begins during pregnancy and lasts postpartum (which is forever, by the way --- postpartum doesn't end at any specific point.) The word postpartum simply refers to the time after we give birth.

The honest-to-goodness truth is that health and motherhood is about longevity. It's about the fact you should want to live for you - and not just for you --- but also for them. I think you know who I mean. The family you just created, you want to be around for them.

That's why it seems so hard to lose the "baby weight." Because when you make it about the WEIGHT, it's just not that damn important. What matters most is life - living right now.

Soaking up the snuggles.

Spending time with loved ones.

I want to teach you easy hacks for nutrition and fitness to help you feel good NOW.

The weight will come off when you spend some time taking care of you. It sounds like a lie, but I see it happen again and again.

The Healthy Moms Club is your invitation to a new, healthier way of living that starts with you and how you treat your body.

Are you in?




erika rousseau

Certified Personal TrainerĀ® and Certified Pre and Postnatal Health Coach Erika Rousseau has spent more than a decade making fitness come easily to moms and moms-to-be in gyms, at home, and online. Erika's passionate about using fitness and nutrition to build confidence and mental clarity. When she decided to start a family, Erika got pregnant on her 4th IUI, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. After starting IVF, Erika got pregnant on her second transfer and her rainbow baby was born in 2022.

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